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In 12 months with $5000 linear growth and 3% churn, your MRR will be $21,087


*Note: Linear growth is more realistic for long term forecasting as exponential is rarely sustainable.

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Happy Customers

Here's what a few of our happy customers have to say about Baremetrics.

In just one week, Baremetrics helped us grow MRR by 15% through simple insights into our pricing plans. It's becoming our #1 tool for optimizing our SaaS business.

Thanks to Baremetrics, we now have a real-time view into the major metrics that drive our growth, and no longer have to wait days or weeks to chug through the data in spreadsheets.

Baremetrics allowed us to focus on building our product while quickly implementing, without any code, a solution that allows us to monitor the key metrics that are core to our business.